India Fails UN Human Rights Test

Published: March 2013

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India’s 2012 UPR examination:

No commitment on enhancing human rights but a mountain to climb
28 May 2012

On 24th May 2012, the United Nations Human Right Council reviewed India’s human rights record during the 13th session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva, Switzerland. This report provides information about the questions raised at the UPR session, the recommendations made by the member States from all the Regional Groups of the United Nations and analyses the responses of the Government of India. During the UPR examination of India in 2008, only 18 recommendations were made to India. Though India submitted its Action Taken Report, apart from extending standing invitation to the Special Procedures mandate holders, other recommendations remained unimplemented. During the UPR examination on 24th May 2012, over 80 recommendations (depending on the how the Secretariat of the UN Human Rights Council collates) were made. India has a mountain to climb.

Indiaís Draft Universal Periodic Report-II: A Case of Forced Marriage?

19 January 2012

India is coming up for reivew for the second time under the Universal Period Review (UPR) mechanism of the UN Human Rights Council during the 13th Session of the UPR on 21st May - 1st June 2012. As part of the consultation with the NGOs, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has invited inputs from the NGOs on its Draft Universal Periodic Report-II by 20 January 2012. The “Draft Universal Periodic Report-II” of the Government provides strong impression that India has no human rights violations and therefore, the report is at odd with the reports of the National Human Rights Commission and various reports of civil society organisations including Asian Centre for Human Rights.

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