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    Bangladesh: IPs Massacred for Land Grab, 23 February 2010

    Over 100 tribals arrested in Bangladesh: Visiting Home Minister urged to stop impending violence and release the innocent, 24 February 2010

    This report exposes the massacre of indigenous Jumma peoples in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh for grabbing their lands. The Bangladeshi government is yet to provide access to the massacre sites where scores of indigenous Chakmas in 14 villages under Sajek Union were massacred on 19-20 February 2010. In order to prevent the truth from coming out, the Bangladesh army personnel have prevented journalists from visiting the affected areas. The police further arrested the indigenous peoples who came to obtain medical treatment for the bulltet injuries sustained in the firing by the Bangladesh army personnel.

    Press Release: Bangladesh burns more tribal villages: Government asked to give access to massacre sites

    South Asia Human Rights Index 2008

    Access full report in PDF

    ISBN: 978-81-88987-17-7
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    SAARC Human Right Report 2006

    Access full report in PDF

    ISBN: 81-88987-15-8
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    Bangladesh: under the attacks of the Jihadis, 23 November 2005

    Between 17 August and 20 November 2005, two judges were killed; six other judges and lawyers were attacked; and 13 judges received death threats. Yet, judges in Bangladesh have no other option but to live under the shadow of the Jihadis because of the nexus of the ruling alliance with the Jihadis. ...More

    Starvation, Rape and Killing of Indigenous Jumma Children, 30 September 2003

    Human Rights submitted its alternate report, The status of indigenous and minority children in Bangladesh. This update has been necessitated by increased racial discrimination and other human rights violations against the indigenous Jumma peoples ...More

    The status of indigenous & minority children in Bangladesh, 9-13 June 2003

    In December 2000, government of Bangladesh submitted second periodic report (CRC/C/65/Add.22) to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. But, it provides little information about the status of the children belonging to most vulnerable sections of the society - "indigenous tribal peoples", minorities, internally displaced persons and stateless persons ... More


    Who funds the acts of racism and racial discrimination in the Chittagong Hill Tracts?

    In the first week of June 2005, the government has now placed a proposal to provide free rations to the "new settlers". This is nothing but to provide free rations to 65,000 plain settlers' families whom the government is reportedly planning to settle in the CHTs and to thousands of plain settlers who have already trickled into the CHTs since 1983. Since 1978, the government of Bangladesh has been providing "free food rations" to 28,000 plain settlers. The indigenous peoples, who are victimiaed by these settlers, are not provided any assistance. Who funds these acts of racial discrimination? ... More


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  • Arrest of Sheikh Hasina is a conspiracy to purge her from the Awami League, 16 July 2007
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  • Dozens of tribals injured in settlers' attack in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, 03 April 2006
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  • Human Rights should be at the center of discussion during the Bangladesh Development Forum, 07 May 2004